Monday, May 17, 2010

Wonder Years

Oh my god l just realized how long it has been since I last blogged when I visited Shanim’s blog yesterday. I still remember how I convinced myself to buy my lappie almost a year back. Among a multitude of cooked up reasons one was “I would be able to blog day in and day out’. And the best part of the whole deal is that I bought the lappie; even the 1 yr old warranty on it has worn out and still haven’t blogged yet.

So what’s been hogging my time all this while .Well I’ve got a reason now I guess ; I ;am a married man you know .It’s not like I have the whole day to vile away .

And to top it all off I just did not have a descent topic to blog about and that’s when I went home for the Easter break and chanced to pass my school .Well my school days were the sweetest and most memorable days of my life .My 12 years in school was an absolute joy ride .Looking back those were really fun days. I still remember all those cranky things that we used to do .All the classes had their gangs and each gang had a leader. It was more like a page from Godfather the only difference was that none of us belonged to the Corleoni family and we weren’t from Sicily but the zest and the fire that we had within these groups were pretty much the same.
I believe growing up in the late 1980 and early 1990’s we were a lot more innocent than the kids of today . So innocent that I was wary of changing my dress when the TV was on lest they get an eyeful of me. Well we didn’t have cable T.V Until I was in my 6th grade .So till then Doordarshan was our MTV,VH1, AXN and HBO combined. The highlight of the week would be Chitrahaar that used to air on Friday nights (not sure ).Our lives pretty much used to come to a standstill on Friday nights. And just when you manage to outrun everybody else in the family to catch a front row seat in front of the TV; DD taunts you with that rainbow colored screen and a ‘rukavat key liye khed hai’ message. OMG I used have nightmares of that screen in my sleep.
And then when I was in my 6th grade we got cable TV .It was barely 4-5 channels .Back then 24 hrs of scheduled programming was quite un thinkable .Rupert Murdoch was Santa Clause for all of us. Star Sports was Prime Sports back then; and they used to show bull fights day in and day out. It looked as if they forgot to remove the damn tape . Back in the days ; sports was huge and growing up in Bhavans sports just meant one thing for all of us ---- Basketball .Well thanks to Mr Michael Jordan we all believed that men could infact fly.

Things started happening. More channels were added and the shows started becoming interesting as well. Star plus started to air The Wonder Years .Wow I used to love watching it on T.V.I would run home every day from school to catch a glimpse of Mr Kevin Arnold. Then Star Trek and X Files came in to the fray and boy they rocked my world. Watching Mr Spock and Foxmoulder was the high point in life. Back in school everybody wanted to be Mr Spock. So much so that we would go around fisting the Vulcan greeting at everyone around and to this day my yahoo id is foxmoulder.

But those times were swell coz we had that zest to go after life with an undying fervor. You know what I actually wanted to be ; an archaeologist .I had these little notebooks which were filled with my notes on dinosaurs and raptors and what not and that’s why when Jurassic Park came out it was as if my wildest fantasy had come alive. Then when I realized that you could earn twice that money sitting in a cozy chair in an air conditioned office without having to dirty yourselves I decided to become an Engineer. Been 5 years and I still don’t have any complaints. Those were such simpler times. more than ever I guess all of us had the gift of time . These days I get a feeling that more often than none we tend to run through our lives. No more time to savor the delights that life has to offer. When was the last time you stuffed your mouth with mulberries and wagged your purple tongues at each other or sat out in the corridor watching the rains pour down with a handful of peanuts stuffed into your shirt pockets?

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Anonymous said...

Atleast korachu sathyam ezhuthanam…raathri 12 manikku Sun TV midnight masalayum , Zee MGM unedited movie , Womens WWF okke kandittu Mr.Spock and X Files pollum.. but I agree to the MJ part 